The Board of Directors


Shown above at their 2014 winter meeting, the board is a model of corporate governance, holding management accountable to the highest standards of construction, maintenance, operation, service, and reliability. Below are photographs of the Board members engaged in a few of their critical activities.

Katherine's questions about the power system inspired an entirely new system control panel with meters
Alex's pioneering operations of the class K-27 locomotives established the standard operating procedures
Sophie's close inspection of the business cars assures a high standard of service
Alex and Owen closely observing trains crossing the Avogadro Creek bridge
Here Alex checking timetable performance of the San Juan
Owen checking clearances and bridge track alignments west of the Avogadro Falls depot
Owen observing Willoughby yard operations
Sophie observing double-headed freight on the Avogadro Creek bridge
Owen inspecting tank car on passing freight
Owen testing the dual control mode of new control panel
Owen writing train manifests, waybills, and supervising yardmaster operations
Owen making the coupling between two tank cars on a long freight
Owen assisting with the repair of baggage car 163 platform railing
Owen observes operation of the longest freight train ever operated on the MW&W RR
Owen verifying newly aligned track section
Alex & Owen inspect the R&GN RR
Owen on the R&GN RR
Alex turning the engine at R&GN RR
Close inspection by Alex
Catherine in the cupola of the caboose on the MRM
Alex on duty in cupola on the MRM
Katherine & Alex inspecting the 401 on the MRM
Katherine at the R&GN
Alex turning the power on the R&GN
Alex watering the engine at the R&GN
Waynesville Bridge & Iron Works Chief Engineer with Alex on the MRM
Owen running C-19 #346 with combine 214
The first quadruple-headed K-27 operation on the MW&W. Suggested by Owen
Katherine inspecting the new control and meter panels inspired by previous visit
Katherine on recent inspection visit
Owen and Alex operating
Alex eases K-27 #450 into the siding
Alex running a long freight
Alex bringing a passenger train into the Willoughby Depot
Alex and Katherine inspecting the Willoughby yards
Alex operating and Owen dispatching
Alex and Owen closely inspecting Avogadro Creek Bridge
Alex assembling a train under Yard Master Owen's direction
Owen observing westbound passenger train
Sophie ready to run a train
Sophie and Owen at the bridge
Sophie observing operations
Owen briefing Sophie on general operations
Owen inspecting bottom of bridge deck
Owen (in #14 jersey) observes #14 heading west
Owen giving Sophie a tour of the car barn
Owen watching #12 heading west
Owen monitoring #345 departing with a freight
Owen running #12 on rollers in the shop after lubrication
Owen backing #178 into a siding
Studying the roster
Watching the San Juan heading west
Another perspective
Making up trains on a busy day in the Willoughby Yard