MWW Scenes

Caboose 505 bringing up a string of refers on a fall afternoon
463 leading the San Juan westbound
Avogadro Falls on a cold winter night
Willoughby on a warm summer night
463 with the San Juan on a fall afternoon
455 about to cross Avogadro creek on a summer afternoon
A long freight westbound under the watchful eye of a member of the Board of Directors
The San Juan heading up the 4% grade toward Willoughby
455's green boiler in the afternoon sun on the point of the San Juan crossing Avogadro Creek just below the falls
A westbound train of tank cars awaits departure from Willoughby
The conductor files paperwork in the caboose awaiting the departure of the evening local on track one. The freight will soon follow on this warm summer night.
Parlor Camp Bird sports a unique drumhead for a VIP Special.
455 easing the San Juan into Willoughby
The Directors Special rounds the curve at Willoughby North
Under a blanket of snow
With K-27 #450 on the point, a westbound passenger train calls at Avogadro Falls
450 pulling a passenger train uphill crossing the creek near the falls
An engine crew member wets a line in the creek
#7 leading a Directors Special out of Willoughby
Three K-27s at Willoughby
The Directors Special with parlor Gunnison heading east
Westbound freight
K-27 #456 with a short freight on the upper loop
Train of boxcars on the main line trestle
Caboose 503 on the rear of a westbound freight
#456 leading a freight around the upper loop in late afternoon
456 with snowplow about to head to Avogadro Falls
456 working up the 4% grade
A consist of refrigerator cars rounding the curve out of Willoughby
The refer freight returns to Willoughby
C-19 #346 with a short freight
C-19 #346 crossing Avogadro Creek
C-19 #346 eastbound on a late fall day
After taking on water, #346 is ready to depart
The Directors Special on the upper loop
C-19 #346 with a string of tank cars crossing the lower loop west of Avogadro Falls.
Wood burning ten wheeler D&RG #12 restored by the MW&W Historical Society and used for special trips
C-19 #345 on first trial runs with business car B-4
K-27 #450 with a train of tank cars passes over C-19 #345 with the San Juan paused at Avogadro Falls
#450 with a refrigerator consist and #345 with a passenger train
trains crossing near Avogadro Falls
along Avogadro Creek
Eastbound crossing Avogadro Creek
Stock train rounding Kermit Curve

Photos showing aspects of the MW&W in various seasons and times of day