Willoughby Depot

The Willoughby Depot is scratch built (windows, doors, chimney purchased) with a waiting room on one side, a baggage room on the other, and the station master office with bay window in the center. There is an station agent apartment with a forward facing dormer with window above the office. The interior and exterior are lit. Recent additions include: a platform, bench, train order signal, baggage cart, and several items of mail, express, and freight.

Avogadro Falls Depot

The Avogadro Falls depot is scratch built with a small square office bay, waiting room, and baggage room. The depot has external platform lights.

Willoughby Tank

The Willoughby Tank has two spouts allowing tenders to be filled from either Willoughby Track 1 or the Upper Loop.

Avegadro Falls Tank

The Avogadro Falls Tank is a single spout tank located just above the Avegadro Falls Depot.

Willoughby Shops Buildings

There are two shops buildings just north of the Willoughby Depot: The main shop bulding and a smaller storage building. The main bulding has appropriate signage and a exterior light. The shops are occupied by the Waynesville Bridge & Iron Works, the contractor for major MW&W bridges, design, and fabrication consultation.

West Junction and North Willoughby Switchman's Shanties

Small shanties to shelter the switchmen while awaiting their next operations are located West Junction and North Willoughby