Main Line

The MW&W Railroad consists of a main line loop approximately 102 feet long and two reversing loops. The upper reversing loop is near the east end of the railroad near the Willoughby Depot and is about 40 feet long. The lower loop begins south of the Willoughby Depot near the control point and extends to the north and west edges of the railroad territory and is about 93 feet long.

The main line begins at the Willoughby Depot and runs northwest, beginning on a series of 8 towers, then across the Avogadro Creek truss bridge, crossing the lower loop on a girder bridge, runs around a tree on a trestle, across the lower loop on a flat girder bridge on a curve, then back to the Willoughby Depot along the western and southern boundaries of the railroad.

Upper Loop

The upper loop begins just south of the Willoughby Depot, runs behind the depot, then around a tree on a set of wooden trestle bents, across a wooden truss bridge, and back to the origin.

Lower Loop

The lower loop begins just south of the upper loop switch, runs southwest, curves northwest beginning a 4% grade across a 12' undergirder span over Avedadro Creek just east of the falls, curves west on Kermit Trestle, crosses Gold Creek on a six foot wooden truss bridge, curves back toward Avogadro Falls depot, runs under the main line just west of the depot, and ascends a 4% grade past Avogadro Falls Depot and back to the origin. The upper and lower loops "face" each other making it possible to run both directions continuously without backing.


A complete trip, one way, over the main line loop, upper, and lower loops totals 235 feet. At a scale of 1:20.3, that is over 0.9 scale miles.

Two train operation

In September 2012 a new control panel was installed that allows independent operation of two trains. One can operate on the main line, the other can operate on the loops and Willoughby track 1.


There are two sidings with switches on both ends connecting to the main line loop on the south side. One is 30' long (Alex) and the other is 24' (Owen). The west ends of both sidings, West Junction, have remote controlled switches. All other switches on the MW&W are manually operated.

In addition to the main line loop running in front of the Willoughby Depot, there are two other tracks, both about 16 feet long, with switches at both ends allowing for trains of up to six cars to pass. Track 1 is closest to the depot and connects with the main line north of the lower loop switch. Tracks 2 and 3 connect to the main line south of the lower loop switch. Therefore, trains heading into the lower loop must approach from Track 1 or the upper loop.

The Willoughby Track 2-3 lead has a short siding connecting to the engine carrier dock. Engines are brought out on carriers that connect with the short siding. When connected, the engine can be run on and off the carrier.

In 2014, a short house track siding was added from Track 1 south of the Willoughby Depot to south side of the depot. The capacity is limited. One ten wheeler and a passager car can be accomodated, or one K-27, or two cars.