The McFarland Waynesville & Western RR

The MW&W RR welcomed the Wisconsin Garden Railway Society on Sunday, September 27, 2015. More about the meeting....

The MW&W is a garden railroad, begun in the summer of 2009, representing the narrow gauge railroads of Colorado, primarily the Denver and Rio Grande Western in the first half of the 20th century. The track and structures remain in place year-round but the rolling stock is kept inside except when being operated. Although history has been used to guide the development of the railroad, compromises have been made to stay within a reasonable budget, thus this is not a model for "rivet counters". Like the prototype, it was built quickly. Improvements are continuously being made both to improve operational reliability and to improve overall appearance. Early in 2012 the entire Willoughby depot area was rebuilt on a stronger deck. Improvements completed in 2012 include: the main line trestles between Willoughby and Avogadro Creek, upper loop trestles, the main line trestles west of the flat bridge, new decks at South Willoughby and West Junction, and all other roadbed. A new electrical control panel was built to replace the original temporary panel. The new panel can control simultaneous two-train operation on separate portions of the railroad, or can be switched to control the entire line from a single power source. In 2013, the wooden truss bridge was replaced with an improved design. In 2014 the entire area surrounding the railroad was landscaped with new walkways and garden areas. The lower loop was expanded into the area made available by the new landscaping configuration. A new six foot long wooden truss bridge carries the lower loop extension across a dry creekbed. A short house track was added to the Willoughby Depot from track one in 2014. Trestle bents were added to the lower loop in 2015.

Selected video:

A recent reenactment of the sawby at Millwood Siding described in Crum's book is described here..... (with video)

The morning passenger train split at Antonito in 1941 described in Colorado Rail Annual #24 was reenacted and is described here...(with video)

A double-headed freight with rear helper in videos